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The JD Infrastructure Estate International Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 12th September 2005 with a clear vision to bring JD Infrastructure in achieving, maintaining & sustaining its position as a leading global force of Real Estate in community development by bridging the gap between the privileged ones & the less fortunate sector of our society. Company has a very broad & clear vision towards its growth & commitment to its customers. As per the growth of company's, It projected the target to pushed itself in to Public sector at the end of year 2010 & being a world's no. 1 company till 2017, which one is the company's dream vision. We believe our end user is our partner. We started lot of new working strategy/business plan and they are getting the results by the faith and love from their end user. We are encrypting the new era of Real estate developments; the driving force behind Phoenix's success story is strong bonding, devotion & common need to own a house. We are a people centric organization driven by common goal & committed towards achieving this dream comes true. The Success story behind the JD Infrastructure is the true blessings & hard work of its members. We are committed to become leader in Real Estate business through ensuring time bound project completion, delivery, utmost transparency to build up customer confidence and compliance with statutory & regulatory requirements. Company always strive to continually improve our performance in all the facets of our businesses and effectiveness in achieving them through End user/Employee participation & all these will be successfully reached by their working hands, the strength of Truth, transparent working strategy to accomplish company's dream vision.

We are promoting land an indispensable need of human being. Land is one of the basic needs of human being. A comfortable home helps us lead a systematic, orderly life. Hence, every man common uncommon – needs the land of his choice to build the house. We at "PIEPL" are ready to fulfil the need of a common man. Till now we have completed many Projects & many are currently running.

Company has not only believes in just selling the products but believes in selling the products in transparent way by giving proper training & support to its Independent Advisors. Company has the strength of more than 8000 end user from all over India & growing this strength day by day.

Company has projected the target to open offices distribution hubs & layouts in all over Country within next five year. Company is also projected to spread their wings outside from country & pushed itself in to Public sector at the end of year 2010. We have spread our wings in five states and twelve cities. Presently we are working in some of the fast growing cities in India like: - Nagpur, Raipur, Pune, Amarawati, Indore, Ahmedabad, Nashik, Kalyan, New Mumbai, Bhopal, Jabalpur & Lucknow.

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